Wait! You turned me into an NFT?

Our brand new NFTv show gives you the chance to be a part of the production. Purchasing your PillVille NFT will help fund the official pilot, give you unique access to the creative process and three revenue streams to earn from.

Brought to you by Motionographer, a seminal voice in Motion Design and founders of The Motion Awards and F5 Festival, PillVille NFTs are, first and foremost, what they’re meant to be, a work of art!

It just so happens that with this work of art, a whole bunch of cool stuff comes with it. Think of it like a digital event ticket or a VIP wristband you don’t need to wear. This digital ‘freedom pass’ kicks open doors that are usually locked as you get to roam behind the scenes of the show.

As a member of PillVille, you have access to royalties and input into the show’s direction, so you can immerse yourself in a creative community that’s looking to involve its audience more than ever.

Welcome to a new breed of TV show!

PillVille NFTs get you access.

Once you have access, you decide what you do with it.


It’s your show too

Owning a PillVille NFT makes you an investor in the show. Investors receive a royalty on all things PillVille, like every time the show is sold to a new streaming platform and on our official merchandising.

As an NFT holder you will also recieve royalties from the secondary market sales.


Join us on the journey

PillVille NFT holders will have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. You can watch along as we produce our pilot: see our characters come to life as we animate in 3D, hear them find their voice with our amazing cast and feel what it’s like to be part of the production team.


Be part of something bigger

We’ll be announcing a series of meet-ups, online and in-person, giving our community a chance to meet like-minded people with a passion for NFTs, animation, the metaverse and irreverent comedy.


Be a part of the show

We’ll be giving one lucky winner from our public sale their very own PillVille character. Send us your photo, and we’ll design it around you. You will receive an NFT of your character, and they may even get a cameo appearance in the show!

Our first
NFT drop

For our first NFT drop, we will release a limited amount of ‘Bill The Pill’ tokens. Every character will be hand-crafted in high-end 3D and have their own unique traits.

When you purchase an NFT, you will be randomly assigned your Bill The Pill token.




Super Pills offer more access and a higher return on investment.

Owning a Bill The Pill NFT will give you exclusive early access to Super Pills.

You are becoming an investor in a project you believe in, and you should get a share of the rewards.



Your NFT is a work of art that gives you access to an exclusive club. But it’s also a valuable asset that can achieve a significant return on your investment.

You are becoming an investor in a project you believe in, and you will get a share of the rewards and dividends. Here’s how that works.

* Every investment involves risk and can result in profit or a total loss. This is not a financial advice.

Revenue stream one


NFT holders will get their percentage of the royalties based on how many times the show is sold to, aired or played on a streaming platform.
Revenue stream two


NFT holders will receive royalties on the net profits from any official merchandise, movie rights, game deals, and much more. IP rights remain in the control of the creators, but profits from their usage will be distributed amongst the NFT holders.
Revenue stream three

NFT value

As the show and the NFTs become even more popular, we expect increased demand, which can significantly raise the value of your token.


Using a smart contract on the decentralized public blockchain, Ethereum, these royalties are automatically distributed to the holders in cryptocurrency.



Launch of the website phase one

September 6, 2022


Community Building

Q4 2022


Website phase two

Q1 2023

Whitelist selection process

Q1 2023


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Is there an age limit?
We produce content unsuitable for children! 18+ please.
Where can I find other PillVille members?
Join our Discord channel to connect with our community!
How long can I be a member?
As long as you have a token.
Can I sell my token?
Of course! You can sell it on the secondary market. The token and the membership transfers over to the new buyer.
Can I sell the token and keep the membership?
Afraid not. The token is the membership. If you gave away your VIP wristband, you’d need another one, right?

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